Bristol Airsoft is the UK’s most unique site and to match that, we’re hot on safety to ensure your experience is enjoyable and you go home as you arrived.

It’s a fast paced and exhilarating time in the game zone, so it’s important that as well as stalking your next target, you’re also aware of how to keep yourself & other players safe.


If it’s your first time GREAT! But call us in advance, let us know and we’ll be sure to give you a tour of the venue before the action starts.

If you’ve not got specialist kit NO PROBLEM. A hoodie, jeans, trainers/boots and gloves will be just fine. We’ll be able to supply you with a protective facemask and weapons/ammo.

Our Marshal’s will give you a full run down at the safety briefing on all aspects of the game play before each game.

Didn’t hear something or forgot? ASK US! Airsoft can be a dangerous sport if you’re not clued up on a briefing so don’t be shy, speak up and double or triple check if you need to. We’re happy to repeat ourselves if it ensures you’re happy & safe.


All weapons must be chron’d at the start of each night. This includes gas & CO2 pistols & AEP’s

The FPS limit is 340 FPS. You will not be permitted to use anything above this

Bristol Airsoft is a single shot or semi-auto site only

Full seal eye protection must be worn by everyone – Under 18’s must also wear full face protection

Under 18’s must wear long sleeves & trousers

All weapons must use .2 BB on the chrono

The heaviest weight BB we allow is .25 grams

If you’re under the influence or Drink or Drugs (including pharmaceutical) you will not be permitted to take part

Food & Drink

We have a small tuck shop on site offering reasonably priced cold drinks, crisps & chocolate which is open before games begin and during certain breaks.

For private events we are able to provide a full lunch and break time refreshments.

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